Slot Spellcast: Terpesona Dengan Bermain Slot Ajaib dan Praktis

The symbols for the Spellcast Slot use well-known characters from the wizarding and wizarding world. Witches and Witches, Potions, Spell Books, Wands, Stirring Pots, and Castles all make up the fantasy dream world of a game. Complementing the enchanted action is a magical deck of cards with a complete set of faces from the numbers Nine to One, to Ace, King and Queen.

What You Can Win: In this online slot machine game, players can win a jackpot of 120,000 coins when they aim for the highest bet level, and they are awarded a slot gacor multiplier three times in free spins of the initial maximum prize of 40,000. This may equate to about $20,000 in cash.

How to Win via Wild Symbols: The winning combination that awards the jackpot prize is five Wizard wild symbols per one selected payline. The initial jackpot amount can be multiplied, depending on the bet level chosen by the player. The value of money increases more when this winning combination is achieved during the free spins bonus round.

Another winning combination, albeit on a lesser scale, only gets four Wizard symbols in a row of activated paylines. For this example, the minimum or base payout is 2,500 coins, which again can be tripled or doubled depending on the bet level and the type of spin that appears.

Wild symbols are also very important to get when a player arrives at a combination that only needs the same symbol to make it a winner. The wizard can act in place of another symbol for the desired combo, allowing the player to win the round.

How to Win Through Scatter Symbols: Getting a set of Crystal Ball icons is another way to win big in this game. While this is the only symbol the wild icon cannot defend, getting at least two Crystal Balls per single spin entitles the player to multiply his winnings, depending on the value of the multiplier presented by this scatter symbol. This allows the player to double or triple his winnings from the amount of the initial bet he placed.

Also, players are awarded free spins – at least 15 more free – whenever a Crystal Ball is seen at least three times. Another prize of the Crystal Ball is that if a winning combination is reached during the given free spins then the winning amount will be awarded to the player three times the original value.

Playing It With Ease: Apart from the big wins, another quality of the Spellcast Slot that players love is the ease of use of the game. The winning combinations are shown with help on the screen for easy reference. Bet level, coin value, Max Bet and other important spin information are also displayed on the screen for players to manage their winnings more efficiently. With Spellcast Slots, the spells are both magical and practical, leaving players mesmerized all the time.